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Eran Magen

My name is Eran Magen. I conduct research on population health at the University of Pennsylvania through the Robert Wood Johnson Health & Society Scholars program. I received my Ph.D. in psychology from Stanford University, where I also earned my M.A. in education.

While at Stanford I was a long-time volunteer staff member at Stanford University’s peer counseling center, and have previously taught the peer counseling class at Stanford University. I became interested in Supportive Listening after reading several books by Carl Rogers, whose writings continue to powerfully resonate in me today.

My work on Supportive Listening really took off after Paul and I met. Among other shared areas of interest, it became clear that we are both deeply committed to empowering people to help themselves and others, and we spent many a lunch (and dinner, and hike, and phone call) developing and crystallizing our approach to Supportive Listening.

I find the work that I do on Supportive Listening tremendously meaningful and satisfying, as I trust that it can literally change the way that we communicate with each other and with ourselves. I hope and trust that this approach will help transform human relationships into a source of security, comfort, and deep connection.

Contact information
Email: eran@SupportiveListening.org
Phone: 391.5729 in the 650 area code


Hello, I’m Paul Konasewich. Great listening is an amazing way to build connection, isn’t it? I am very excited to bring tools, programs, and research to helping people better connect with one another.

Outside of Supportive Listening, I am Board President of the Bay Area Organization Development Network.

In years past I was a group program manager at Microsoft. I studied Bowen family systems at the Georgetown Family Center.

I’ve learned a tremendous amount about listening from Eran and have certainly benefited from his listening as well. Over several years of discussion we have explored ways that people can build connection and support one anotherthe result is Supportive Listening.

I am continually amazed by the power of Supportive Listening, and the opportunities for listening to change our lives.

Contact information
Email: contactpaul@SupportiveListening.org
Phone: 714.3818 in the 650 area code

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